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On March 13, 2020 everything changed. Governor Hogan announced all Maryland schools would be closed for two weeks. Then on March 25th, a second announcement came: all schools would be closed through April 24th. And not just in Maryland, but many other schools across the country.

(April 24th is also my last with CMS. I'm sad and I will miss everyone very much, but I'm hoping the staff & students will still stay in touch.)


This is the PERFECT time to do all of those things you never had time to do before! Make a LIST of all the things you WANT and NEED to do! Make sure you include time to do school work.

Your FIRST assignment? Start a journal!

Journaling is fun and easy to do. All you need is:

   - a quiet space to write, draw and think

   - and a pen, paper or a laptop!

Then just let your thoughts pour out!

I will be posting my OWN daily thoughts here, as well as some inspiration for all of you! It's important to stay in touch, not just with your teachers, but with your friends (via social media since we are still social distancing!) and loved ones.

Please feel free to email me via Schoology. Let's stay connected, stay active, and stay HEALTHY!

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