This might be the best time (and the only time) you'll ever have to finally catch up on all those shows you want to watch!

What students are watching now: The series "All American"

on Netflix is very popular with CMS 8th graders. My 15yo daughter has also given it her approval. Her Rating: ★★★★ Great / Exciting, Affecting, Memorable / Enlightening

To see what other movies & shows we recommend, click HERE.

Watched a good movie? Have a suggestion for me? Post your thoughts and suggestions in YOUR JOURNALS about this or any other movies you've enjoyed, and would recommend others to watch, and I'll post them here!


     On March 13, 2020, everything changed. Not just for the 8th grade students at Crestwood Middle School, but for students all over the United States. To help us all stay connected, I created this journal (blog).

     I have shared some of my own personal thoughts & experiences HERE for all of you to read. I've included posts about my own life and what I've been feeling that I think most of you can relate to. Make sure to check this site DAILY to find out what I'm up to. 



     I have also posted some FUN things for you to do to keep your mind creative & ideas to help you stay active.  I hope you will all find at least one thing here that you find fun & interesting. Hopefully you can use this blog and my own posts for inspiration.


Meet Our Family

Me & my daughters:

Isabelle (left) & Madeleine (right)

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I have two amazing daughters: Isabelle, age 17, and Madeleine, age 15. They are both high honor students and animal lovers.

My daughters

Isabelle, shown in the forefront, is currently a high honor student at FCC. In fall 2021, she'll be transferring to a 4-year college, hopefully not too far away.

Madeleine, in the back, attends BHS. She is also a student at a local dance studio and dances 3-4 nights a week. She wants to join dance team this fall and attend college in NYC after she graduates.

Our pets

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After Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, I spent 10 days rescuing animals as a volunteer with the Humane Society (HSUS). 

Over the years we have rescued and adopted countless animals. 

Our current crew includes Lucy the Beagle, and 3 sweet rescue cats: Flerpalina (don't ask), Gracie (the gray cat) who we rescued from a farm, and of course our

adorable One Eyed Boy.

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